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Hi there! I'm Aaishah

I am a designer/researcher based in London. Empathising with service users and finding creative ways to solve user problems that meet business goals is an area I enjoy. This led me to discover the world of UX and to become certified in the process.

Good design is a language.  My educational background in Linguistics has equipped me with a deeper understanding of language and communication which has enabled me to design interfaces that are easy to use and navigate. 

So when I sit down to design an interface, I'm not just thinking about the visuals. I'm thinking about how to communicate effectively, how to create an experience that feels natural and intuitive, and how to make sure it is accessible to everyone –regardless of their background or ability.

So if you're looking for a designer who can speak the language of your users, I'm your person!

When I'm not designing, I enjoy writing, exploring new art exhibitions, and training my cat to enjoy walks on a leash (no improvement yet).

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